Small Jade Landscape Scrap Book

Another small book created from the scrap bin. The dimensions are about 2″ X 5″. The book block consists of 6 signatures of 90 Lb. Fabriano Artistico sewn to a leather spine with 4-ply Irish Linen thread. The covers were made with polymer clay using faux jade and bone.




Small Leather Scrap Book

Here’s another small book created from paper scraps. The dimensions are 2 1/2″ X 4 1/4″, the book block is created from 90 Lb. Fabriano Artistico sewn to the leather cover with 4-ply Irish Linen. The mask on the from is molded from polymer clay. The closure was created by boring a recess into the back of the mask and inserting a neodymium magnet, a second magnet was glued into the leather to keep the book closed.

Small Leather Scrapbook: Front Detail
Small Leather Scrapbook: Binding Detail

Small Turquoise Scrap Book

Since I had all my polymer clay tools out to make the covers for my Small Jade Scrap Book, I decided to continue working with the clay and make a few other covers for my scrap books. Next up was a book block that measured 3″ X 4 “. These scraps were 140 Lb. Fabriano Artistico so I limited the signatures to 3 pages, when you’re working at a small scale like this adding too many pages will make your book impossible to close.

I ended up with 10 signatures and decided to continue down the simulated stone road and whipped up a batch of polymer clay turquoise for the covers. In this particular technique you chop the clay up in a food processor and then re-integrate it into sheets. I had some concerns about the integrity of the covers over the long haul, so the interior of the covers are just a sheet of solid black polymer clay.

The binding itself is straight forward. The signatures are and sewn to the leather spine with 4-ply Irish Linen. I liked the color variations in the turquoise, so to emphasize that, I used three different colors of blue thread for the sewing.


Small Jade Scrap Book

Over the holidays I decided I was going to tidy up and I began by cleaning out the bin where I keep my paper. I had a healthy pile of scraps and given that I use Fabriano Artistico for almost all of my journals I wasn’t about to throw any of it out. I sorted the scraps by weight and size, and then tore them down into into book blocks. When the carnage was over, I had 13 book blocks ranging from very small to what I would consider pocket size. I began binding them a few days ago and first out of the gate was this small Faux Jade book with skulls and bone chips. The covers were created from polymer clay using a faux jade technique. I applied some polymer clay “bone chips” along the fore edge just to make it a little more interesting visually. Frankly, I used these techniques because I had scrap polymer clay laying around and wanted to clean up the clay bin too.

The book block is 90 Lb. Fabriano Artistico sewn to a leather spine with 4-ply Irish Linen thread. This is small book and the dimensions are approximately 3″ X 3″ Here’s what it looks like: