One of my favorite art forms over the past several years has been mail art so I’ve had mixed emotions about the news of the past several weeks. Like anyone else I’ve had the negative experiences with the USPS and customer service. You know the story, thirty people in one with one clerk at the counter who moves like the old man character Tim Conway made up for the Carol Burnett show.

This week though, I got a surprise. I had ordered some Field Notes and although the online tracking they provide showed the package had been delivered, it was no where in sight. I called my post office and Eddie answered on the first ring, I told him about my missing package, gave him the tracking number. He told me he’d talk to the carrier and get back to me by the end of the day, I thanked him but didn’t count on hearing back. I was surprised then when a couple of hours later, Eddie called me back and told me he had talked to the carrier, who found that the package had been misplaced in the mailbox below mine and that it was now in my box waiting for me. This was great customer service and the experience made me feel worst about the future of the USPS.

Thanks Eddie!