I was talking to a friend about the cahiers I mentioned in the last posting and he turned me on to Field Notes Brand. Apparently these little books were conceived of graphic artist Aaron Draplin. Unlike Moleskines, Field Notes are made is the USA and based on the reviews I’ve read they’re sturdy and well designed. I’ve seen some pictures on the Field Notes Brand website and a host of reviews that discuss the printing on the cover both inside and out.

After watching the preview to this video, I was sold and ordered a subscription. A subscription gets you two 3-packs of the current seasonal offering called Raven’s Wing, two regular 3-packs followed by two 3-packs of each seasonal offering each quarter. Here’s a video that features the selection of colors that were issued over the past year as part of the subscription.

The subscription is $129.00 and while that may sound like a lot of money for some memo books, I’d rather support the people who are making them then the politicians who are screwing us. More when my order arrives.